Towards the Bay

Hi.  I am Christopher Martin and I’m here to tell you my story of the bay.

“What’s so important you ask?”  Well, for starters, the Bay is the most important thing in my life.  It’s the closest hill to the Bay River and everyday after school or on weekend mornings, I spend my time there with Kelsey Owens.  She is the love of my life and pride and joy.  Without her, I would be lost.  She had no education, but was the smartest and prettiest girl I knew.

Nobody knew much about her except that her parents died eight years ago in the spring from high flowing water in the Bay River.  Everyday she relived watching her parents floating dead in the water.

I am the most popular teenager in my high school, I suppose from my looks and talent for playing sports.  All the girls in my class flirt and flatter me, but I never buy into it.  The only girl that has never done this is Kelsey.  After her parents passed, she never loved anything or anyone again.  Except for me.  And this Saturday, I would express my true feelings to her and propose.

Saturday came upon me so fast that I had no idea what to say.  I was in my room listening to the radio when the news came on.  There was a suicide at the Bay River.  I dropped to the floor, my mind weak, blank and panicked.  I thought, “It can’t be Kelsey!”  She would never do that.  I must check.  It’s not her, it’s not her.  I grabbed my bicycle and pedaled till my legs went numb.

When I got there, I saw Kelsey laying face down on the stones of the river.  My knees fell flat down on the dirt.  I put my hands on my face and my eyes welled up with tears.  As I wiped them away, I got up and I ran like a madman to her body.  Burying her was the hardest thing I could ever do.  I noticed a letter poking out of the stones.

I opened it slowly, afraid of what was in there.  She wrote me about her dreams and thoughts for the future, about us together and building a house on the hill where we both could liver together forever.  I vowed to myself I would build a house for her and live there for the rest of my life, remembering that she would be the only girl I would ever love.  Before I tucked the letter away, I felt something at the bottom of the envelope.  I grabbed it and stared at it.  It was the ring she got me for our wedding.  I thought about it for the longest time, feeling I had all the time in the world.

I wore it day and night until I could see her once again.  I heard a voice speak to me.  I looked up above and noticed the light shining down.   The angel said, “Her body may be gone, but her spirit lives forever. “  I knew from then on she was in a  better place.

7 thoughts on “Towards the Bay

  1. James Hudyma Post author

    The sad tale reminds me a bit of Romeo and Juliette. It is a bit confusing as to why she would end her life even though her note showed so much promise. Although the story features pain it ends with hope.

  2. Megan

    This was a good story to read! although it was short it gave you the feel of being there and seeing what was going on. very interesting!

  3. Mrs.Fab

    Dat was excellent…Guuuurl. I agree with my husband Mr.Fab….. To amazing to be true I enjoy everything you have doll face!!!!

  4. Mr. Fab

    yah you go gurl, that was so fabulous…. that was like the best story ever!!!!!

  5. Connie Flanagan

    A heart-wrenching, well-written story. It seems that he is telling the story some time after the fact, so the only recommendation I would make is to change the paragraph about Christopher being the most popular teenager, etc. to the past tense. The letter and ring do make me wonder why Kelsey would chose to end her life rather than follow her dreams.

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