3 thoughts on “The Council

  1. James Hudyma Post author

    This reads like the introductory chapter of a novel. I can tell your ending was included to give the story a sense of closure but I highly encourage you to go back to this and further develop this story.

  2. Keegan

    WOW what a fantastic story. i loved the detail . you didn’t go far enough that it wasn’t believable but it was just right. the content was great. it was what i like in genres

  3. Connie Flanagan

    I like this story very much, but because of the complexity of the background, I think it would be even greater as longer story. I realise it’s fairly long already, but you’ve clearly put a lot of thought into the an interesting alternate reality and an intriguing plot. I suspect you had to leave a fair bit out in order to keep it shorter. It’s certainly a story worth expanding if you have the interest in doing so.

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