Contrast Paragraphs II

Adidas vs Nike

When shopping for soccer shoes buy Adidas and not Nike. There are many reasons why you should buy Adidas and not Nike. Adidas has the lightest shoes that are durable so they have high durability and low weight. Adidas shoes also fit a variety of feet. Nike shoes only fit people with slim feet but Adidas also fits wide-footed people. Nike also overprices their shoes. Are you willing to pay $390 for a pair of Nike soccer shoes when you can get a pair of better quality Adidas shoes for less money? Is it worth it to pay more just to have a swoosh? That is why Adidas is better than Nike.

Grishko vs Capezio

Grishko 2007 pro is better than Capezio. Grishko is better because they are made for all levels of pointe dancers. When your dancing your feet feel satisfied with how the shoe forms on your foot when you are on the block. There is three different shanks for how strong your arch is. Also, they look beautiful on your feet and gives you a long line. The Grishko shoe is made for putting less pressure on your big toe joint. Capezio doesn’t have half those things and that’s why Grishko is better.

Big Dogs vs Little Dogs

When choosing your next dog you want to make sure you choose the perfect one. Do you want a dog that’s friendly and safe and won’t constantly yap? Sounds like you want a big dog and not a little dog. Still thinking of getting a little dog? Think again. The perfect dog for you is a big dog! They’re friendlier and generally calmer than small dogs causing them to be better with kids. Little dogs are more aggressive and more likely to bite because their small size makes them constantly feel threatened. All dogs bark. Big dogs only bark when they are being protective. Little dogs bark at everything and they bark all day and all night. A yapping pet doesn’t sound like a great pet. Want a dog that will always stay loyal and is constantly wanting to please? Adopt a big dog.