Contrast Paragraphs

School vs Home

Being at school is so much better than being at home. At school you get to see your friends and favourite teachers but at home you don’t. Also, unlike home, you don’t have to do chores and you get to learn about stuff that will help you in the future. People say that they prefer home because they can be lazy all day, but if you’re lazy you won’t learn anything and you’ll get so fat you won’t be able to do anything. Last and certainly not least, at school you have the freedom to be your own person because you don’t have your parents there always telling you what to do. Home may be where the heart is but school is where the life is.

Lebron vs Curry

In this paragraph I’m going to explain why Lebron James is superior to Steph Curry. First thing is Lebron is more powerful than Curry because Lebron goes to the gym more. Next fact is Lebron is mentally better than Curry. Lebron can figure out plays faster and sees everything. Curry is slow learning and can’t see around the whole court because he’s too short. Last fact is Lebron is an all-round player because he can sink 3s, dunks,  jump shots, and layups. Curry can only sink 3s but nothing else. So that’s my reasons why Lebron is way better than Curry.

Paintings vs Photographs

Paintings are superior to photographs. Every piece is made completely unique whereas a photograph can only show things as they are. Both capture events. However, a painting depicts the artist’s thoughts and perspectives. Painters can use different styles and expressions so the artwork can be realistic and well-proportioned like a photograph or uniquely creative and abstract. Would you rather hang a photo of a subject or an artist’s original work? Surely you’d prefer a painting that represents artistic talent and hours of labor over a photo you could’ve taken yourself in mere seconds. Painting has been an effective and creative means of communicating images and ideas since the earliest days of our species. Photography, without technology, is impossible. Paintings have been around before photographic technology and will exist longer than society itself and therefore are superior in all ways to photography.