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Hello Educators and Students

Can I use this website for my class?

Yes! Feel free to use this website. Please don’t create your own site using all of my stuff. Send them to the source. I don’t make any money from this site. I do like seeing how much traffic I get from around the world because it lets me know this site is helping teachers and students beyond my classroom.

Can I have access to the handouts and files on this site?

Yes, but some of the files on this site are restricted to staff and students in my home school district because they are hosted by my district’s G-Suite.

Is this site regularly updated?

Yes and No. I am currently a vice principal and have a small teaching assignment. I update the sections for the classes I am currently teaching.

Can I add to this site?

If you have additions you’d like to make, contact me and I’ll add them. I’ll be sure to credit my source.

The Last Week in 2015!

The break is quickly approaching and soon it will be 2016. I hope everyone has a fun and rejuvenating break. Safe travels to all of you who are heading out of town.

All Among the Hidden assignments must be handed in before the break. We’ll be studying The Call of the Wild by Jack London when we get back.

Friday will be a full day but don’t worry, we have some fun activities planned for the afternoon. Roaming will not be permitted. Once you choose your location you must remain there for the entire afternoon.

  • Sock Hop in the Gym
  • Movie (Elf) in Mr. H’s classroom
  • Board Games and Bridges Tournament in the Gathering Area
  • Video Games in the Computer Lab

There will be a Scrooge Room for students who need to finish assignments. Once the assignment is complete you are free to go to one of the activity locations.