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Congratulations Short Story Winners!

Our short story contest was a hit. The stories will remain on this site if you’d like to read or reread any of the stories. Thank you to all the contestants and congratulations to our winners. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read all the stories. All of the wonderful feedback was much appreciated by the authors.

Critic’s Choice – The Unexpected Visitor

Voting Poll Winners

1 – Elements

2 – Olive & Monica

3 – On a Cold Winter Night

Olive & Monica

I kept counting the days until school started. 5 days. I knew I would be the new kid. 3 days. I dreaded that day when there was just a few more short and unpleasant hours until I was sitting in a new desk, in a new school, with new problems.

My family moved from Yorkton to Regina, Saskatchewan, less than 3 weeks ago. My dad got an unexpected job offer, and 1 week later, we were on the road with 2 suitcases each. My mom found a tiny apartment, and according to her, we wouldn’t be there for very long. I knew I had to make new friends, but who would want to be friends with a shy, skinny, nose-stuck-in-a-book 12 year old girl, whose only adventure consisted of walking to the corner store in the rain to get headache pills. I never had many friends back in Yorkton, but by the end of today, I’m hoping I’ll find one.

. . .

I reluctantly stepped out of the car onto the chalk covered sidewalk, and squinted my eyes to get a look at the school. It was big. Bigger than my old, rundown school back in Yorkton.

“Bye Monica, I’ll make sure to be here to pick you after school, ok sweetie?” I heard my mom say from behind me.

“Ok, see ya”, I said as I started walking towards the blue front doors of the school. I heard my mom honk the horn, and I turned around to wave, trying to act more enthused than I felt. I looked around at all the unfamiliar faces. Some kids were running around, playing tag. Others were in small groups, on their phones or gossiping about the latest trends. Rather than going to introduce myself, I went and sat on a cement wall. The bell rang, and kids started rushing into the building. As I got up to go inside the building, I turned my head and saw a blonde haired boy push past and then trip another girl. I ran to the girl, who was on the ground holding her leg, which was bleeding quite badly, soaking threw her jeans.

“Oh my, are you OK?” I asked sheepishly as I crouched beside her.

“Oh, yea, it’s just a bruise and a scrape, I think I’ll be alright”, the girl replied. It had gotten eerily quiet, and I was guessing class had already started.

The girl started to get up, but I helped her onto her feet, and we started walking through the now silent and deserted playground.

“My name is Monica, by the way”, I said casually.

I looked at the girl, who then smilingly looked at me and replied,” My name is Olive”.

“Wow that is such a cool name. I’ve never heard it before”, I said in astonishment.

“Thanks, I get that a lot”, Olive said with a grin.

Because that rude and ill-mannered blonde boy pushed Olive, it came to be that for the rest of the day, we talked and mingled like best friends would do. We just, well, clicked. Coincidentally, we were both in the same grade, class and we even had art together (bonus!). It was just meant to be. Monica and Olive.

. . .

That day at school, our first assignment was introduced, and, obviously reading each other’s minds, were partners for that assignment.

After and long and unexpectedly fun day, I decided to invite Olive over for dinner. My mom was very glad that I had made a friend, and agreed immediately to let her stay. We worked on our assignment, searching up plants and writing definitions. After a yummy steak dinner, I hugged Olive and waved goodbye.

The next day at school, Olive and I agreed to work on our project at recess. Olive was phenomenal drawer, and instead of printing our pictures, she wanted to draw them.

The recess bell rang, and I was sitting in the library with our science project in front of me. Olive still hadn’t arrived, but she might’ve had to do something. 5 minutes passed, still no Olive. 10 minutes, nothing. RING! Recess was over and still no Olive.

I walked to my locker with the project tucked under my arm. I was pretty disappointed when I saw Olive walk in the front doors, obviously outside for recess. I was even more disappointed and shocked when I saw her arm linked with another girls arm. I stood there in disbelief. Olive had skipped our project for another girl? I felt a pang of jealousy. Why would Olive do that?

. . .

Nothing tasted good after what happened. It didn’t feel right to be jealous, but I did. Olive didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. Did I do something wrong?

That evening as I was eating dinner with my head down, the doorbell rang. I watched as my mom got up and walked to get the door. A few seconds later, my mom called to me that someone was here for me. It could only be one person.

“Hey Monica, I brought your binder that you left at my house”, said Olive, handing me my binder.

“Thanks”, I replied, not looking into her eyes. I closed the door, but Olive stopped it from closing.

“Monica, listen, I’m really sorry. That girl you saw me with was not what it seemed. She was a jerk. I didn’t mean to not help with the project. Please, I’m really sorry.”

I looked at her. She really was sorry.

“Oh, Olive, I forgive you”, I said, wrapping my arms around her. We hugged for a few seconds, and then we let go.

“I have to go, it’s getting dark”, Olive said with a smile,” I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“You bet yea”, I said with a smile, as Olive ran down the sidewalk. I closed the door, so very grateful to have Olive in my life.


I was a simple fox living a simple life and living in a very simple den until the day that it all changed……

My name is Anita. I’m a red fox that collects items that are not of the usual sort.

I once found a small thing that looks like grass wrapped together in knots.

I somehow got it around my paw. Since I like it I kept it on but all the other animals think i’m crazy for picking up random things I find on the forest floor.

The thing is that all foxes did this pick up things and stashes them just in case they come in handy.

My mother once told me that her mother told her that she once had a sharp shiny thing in her den and when a wolf came by and tried to take her she took the sharp thing and tossed it at the wolf and it got stuck in its eye. It gave her just enough time to escape from the wolf.

I was out in the forest hunting for a rabbit and saw something sparkle in the distance.

I knew right then I had to find out what it was. It was like it was calling to me. I cautiously walked through the trees muffling my footsteps by walking on the rocks.

Apparently when I was not paying attention to where my paws landed I stepped on a twig it snapped in half with a crack and the shiny thing disappeared.

NO! I think to myself just as I was about to turn around I see it again just a few trees away from me this time I didn’t waste time worrying about my paws.

I move swiftly towards the sparkly object. I moved as close as I dared without scaring it. What was “it”? I move towards the object. I jumped when it turned and face me.

“Please dont eat me” It pleaded“

I wont if you tell me what you are” I say trying to sound tough.

“ I’m a wisp named Cil” She said in a proud tone.

“I’m Anita a red fox” I say then i sat and wrapped my tail around my paws to keep them warm.

“Wow what a lovely tail you have” She says kindly.

“Why thank you but you are most beautiful” I said in awe.

Now that I actually look at her I see her beautiful silver body, her long tail with fur at the end and pitch black eyes that are strangely comforting. She looks like a ferret a beautiful one.

“Do you need a place to stay Cil you can stay at my place if you want?” I asked trying to stay focused.

“Oh yes please if you would have me. We walk back to my den.

On the way back I gathered some grass and leaves for Cil to sleep on If she sleeps i might not let her because I will ask to many questions. Finally we get back to my den. I let her in first trying to be a good host I make a bed and realize that i have no food to offer.

“What do eat you Cil?” I ask hoping its not something to hard to get. “I eat bluegrass it can be found anywhere”.

“ I know a place where blue grass grows its a lush plain of the grass its beautiful would you like to accompany me or stay here its your choice.” I say hoping she would stay.

“I will stay here if you don’t mind i am very tired and need a rest” she says.

“Of course” I try to say without enthusiasm

I walk out of my den and start running towards the field. I look out and see something moving in the field. The Guard. Oh no I need to get her food! I ran down and snachted some. “STOP!”

I turn around to see and old badger stumbling after me. I looked around desperately looking for an escape.

“You take my grass and you try to run” He declared “I should make you my servant for your crimes but no I will do something much much worse.” “ I curse you with the curse of loss.” The bagger yelled at me.

Then it all went dark.

I woke up to see Cil standing in front of me.

“Hey theres life! I wondered when you would wake.”

“Can you get the blue grass from the kitchen?”

“what happened?” I asked

“Well I think you got sick on that bark you tried to eat last night you feeling okay?” Cil asked

“i’m fine.”

It was just a dream! A dream! to think I actually thought it was real.

I walk to the kitchen take the blue grass to Cil then walk outside. I see something big the distance something swirling.

“A TORNADO” I scream

Cil came running out

“No no no I dont want to go home please let me stay” She cried

“What! where are you going? I ask

Wips are immortal we can’t stay here forever”

“It’s my turn to leave” She yelled because the screaming of the wind was getting louder

She ran of to the top of the nearest mountain and I followed just before the tornado got to the mountain she said

Thank you so very much for being my friend I will never forget you.

I won’t either I promise. I said tears spilling from my eyes.

And with that she was taken into the tornado.


I woke up with a yawn and slammed my palm onto my alarm clock,shutting it off. I layed in my bed for a couple minutes enjoying the warmth before throwing my blankets off and dragging my feet across the cold wood floor to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and I stared at the reflection facing back. My dark maroon hair was in tangles and mats with frizzy hair flying in all directions. My green eyes were squinting still not used to the morning light and my clothes were wrinkled with sleep. I yawned yet again and went to the washroom.

I walked out and my little sister Ivy rushed in giggling and hyper. I shook my head at her ability to be so happy all the time. I thumped down stairs and headed to the fridge for a glass of orange juice. Once I got it I headed back upstairs to my room. I yanked my phone out of my charger and unlocked it and immediately tapped the Instagram icon I scrolled through my feed and took a sip of my orange juice.

Or I tried, it was frozen. I quickly pulled my lips back from the glass frightened by the sudden coldness. I dropped my phone onto my bed and peered in my glass. Yup it was frozen. I set it carefully onto my bedside table as if it were to explode. I looked back at my phone and saw that I had scrolled to a picture of coloured snow that my friend shared. I looked back at the glass wondering what was going on. I grabbed my phone once again but then I noticed the time. “Already 7:30!” I screamed and ran to my closet to grab my clothes for the day.

The bell rang as I walked in. Our teacher Mr.Alez gave me a dirty look. I sat down beside my best friend Hale and quickly opened my book to the page we were reading. I doodled on a different piece as he talked on and on. That is until he called on me. I nervously looked at him. “Well?” He asked, the whole class laughed. I looked up at him about to admit that I didn’t know the answer. And thats when his table erupted in flames. Everyone was screaming yet strangely not me. Sprinklers sprayed water all over the room as we ran out the door into the un-supervised crowd of students rushing towards any exit. Strangely I felt a lot calmer now. I grabbed Hales hand and tugged her towards the main exit.

We reached outside and noticed a big crowd, we pushed our way in to find the scene of a large guy beating down on a girl. Hale rushed in being who she is yelling “STOP” as I came in behind her.

We were both talking to the victim when I felt a tap on my back. I turned around to see a guy about a foot taller than me he was looking at his fist confused. I put it together and realized that it wasn’t a tap it was a punch. I looked back at Hale and she was helping her up. I turned back at the bully and he lunged at me and tried to punch my face. In a flash i was sitting on him on the ground pinning his arm behind his back. He yelled “STOP IT HURTS!” Everyone looked at me amazed as I got off him. I would too because I had no could I could do anything like that.

After the fire we were all sent home. But after the weird fight l haven’t seen Hale. I planned to text her when I got home. As I walked in the doors I heard rummaging upstairs. It couldn’t be my mom because she’s still at work and Ivy was still at school. As slowly as possible I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and tiptoed upstairs. I realized the noise was coming from my room and I jumped into the doorway only to see Hale stuffing a bag full of my stuff on my bed. I relaxed and said “Hale I thought you were a robber” I told her and set the knife on my shelf. When she didn’t answer I walked over to her and asked “what are you doing?”  “We’re leaving.” She said blankly and I looked at her confused. “What?” I asked but no answer. She zipped up my bag and threw it over her shoulder. She walked downstairs and I followed still wondering what she was doing.

We reached the downstairs kitchen. And she set the bag on the island. And looked me in the eyes. I stared back at her blue ones. “You’re a elementer” She said. I looked at her confused. “A what?” “A elementer is someone who controls all four elements, a elementer is born every four years.” She told me and I stayed silent. “A winder aka me, is assigned to protect a elementer until their powers start to show. Once they show I take you to Xion.” “Wait what’s Xion?” I asked “A boarding school that teaches you subjects as well as how to control your powers.” “But aren’t there four elements?” I asked “yeah” she replied “Well I think I’ve only shown water and fire.” I said. “Well those are the weakest elements.” “Earth and wind are stronger”

After talking for a bit she got a text and she grabbed my hand rushing me outside. We hopped in a car and she pulled out keys and turned on the engine. I realized that I was going to Xion and was probably never going to come back. I looked at my house that held so many memories. The car started and I looked at the road ready for whatever was going to be thrown my way.


“BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!” Urgh! My stupid alarm… maybe I can just sneak in five minutes. “CASSIDY!”, my Mom yelled out, “You’re going to be late for school!” “Huh, OH MY GOD, I thought it was only 7:45!” I responded in a voice thick with tiredness.

“Well, it’s not, Cassidy. In fact it’s almost 8:16! GET UP!!!” “Sorry, I’m getting up now, Mom.” Geeze, I mumbled under my breath.

“RING RING… RING RING!!!” Oh no, the school bell, I thought, as I ran up the walkway into school. I hurried to my locker but of course it was one of those ‘off days’ where I couldn’t unlock it. I tried at least five times to open my lock using the combination that was so familiar to me, but I finally got the lock open.

“Ok, boys and girls – if 22 X 2 is 44, then how much would 25 x ….. CASSIDY SUMMERS?!? WHY ARE YOU LATE FOR MATH… AGAIN!?!” “Umm, I, I – ” “Don’t Uh, I, me! I need an answer or else your parents may be getting a call from someone… ” Her voice was very loud in my head. “Um, I kinda’ slept in I guess…”


“SQUEAK SQUEAK!!” Of course, I thought, I got the squeaky seat! The kids in my class were all laughing hysterically. Like, I thought that by now that we were 14, that they would be over immature things like that, but nooooo, I guess not!?? My best friends Carrie and Toby were the only ones NOT laughing. That’s why I love them.

“Hey Cass!”, yelled Toby from all the way across the lunch room. “Wasn’t that the most boring math class yet?” “Um, oh yeah, I guess”, I said, sounding sad and gloomy. “Cass? Is something bothering you?” Toby asked me with concern, I could tell he was worried about me. “Oh, not really, I guess.” I didn’t want to tell him the news that I got this morning, when my Mom texted me after Mrs. Mellrose called her after math class. “Cassidy, I’ve known you for long enough to know that something’s wrong. You can tell me, it’s safe between us.” I asked him to get Carrie, and meet me in the janitor’s closet ASAP.

Shortly after we were all in the closet, I broke the silence and told them what had happened this morning, and what was going to happen. “Guys?”, I said with my light blue eyes filling up with tears. “Cassidy, are you ok?”, Carrie questioned me. I took a deep breath, and sighed right before my response, “My Mom texted to tell me that Mrs. M called her to tell her that I’ve been late a lot, and my Mom thinks that Mrs. M is giving me a tough time. Now she wants me to transfer schools! So I’m leaving this school, and going to Spirit High!” I felt tears spill out of my eyes, and felt them leaving wet tracks on my cheeks. Now I couldn’t stop crying, and Toby and Carrie started crying, her chin was quivering in an attempt to stop. Toby looked at both of us and his eyes glistened with tears. “Guys, I’m leaving this week!”

“RING RING RING!” The school day was done! Toby was about to say something to me, but I quickly interjected, “Can you guys meet me at my house in an hour?” They both nodded their heads, each of them looking about as gloomy as I felt.

“Knock knock knock!” IT’S OPEN, I yelled from my room, wiping my eyes. I had been crying. Carrie and Toby ran as fast as their long legs could go. “So”, said Toby as he sat down on the window seat beside me, “How can we get your Mom to change her mind?” We sat for about 15 minutes, trying to come up with ideas, each silent as we thought. We heard a noise come from downstairs, sounding like heavy footsteps!! My Mom wasn’t home yet, and my Dad was still working. “Cass, what do we do?!?” asked Carrie, in a high pitched scared voice. I shushed Carrie as I turned on music really loud, so that whoever was in the house would know that someone was home. I told them to follow me to my closet, which had a lock on the door. “Cass, this is pretty freaky,” Toby muttered to me as we all scrunched ourselves into the closet, buried in my clothes piled in a heap.

We heard a loud knock, and a ‘BANG’ on the door to my room! Next came a smashing noise, it sounded like a hammer breaking glass. All I could think of was family, as I thought of all of my pictures of relatives, animals, and my grandparents who had died, that were getting smashed to bits.

I asked Toby and Carrie if they locked the door when they came in, and they said yes. We heard what sounded like a pop bottle opening – “Fizzzzzz” – then the music from her laptop into garbled sounds, as it became clear to them that someone had poured a bottle of pop onto the laptop.

Then we heard footsteps running away from my room, as we heard the garage door opening. PHEW! My Mom was home! She came running in to ask us if we were ok – she had seen the man running away from the house. She had already called 911, but while we waited for them to come over, my mom looked over at Toby and Carrie, then at me, saying, “You know what? With friends like this, I can’t possibly let you switch schools. These two are here for you!”