Identity Showcase

You will be responsible for creating an informational kiosk-style presentation on your identity.

On the day of the Identity Showcase, you will present to people as they arrive. People will likely spend between 1 and 3 minutes at your station before they move on to the next station. At this time, a new group will visit your station. It is likely you will present 20 times throughout the afternoon. Consider this when creating your presentation.

  • All Grade 7 students will present on the same day.
  • Students, teachers, and guests in our school will view your presentation and ask you questions.


  1. List: Create a list of everything that you think is part of your identity.
  2. Categorize: Go through your list and find items that are related or connected. Use these connections to create categories. Your presentation should feature 3 – 5 categories.
  3. Regroup: Using your 3 – 5 feature categories as headings, regroup your list.
  4. Cull: Go through the items listed in your categories and narrow it down to the 3 or 4 most important, relevant, or interesting.


Your Identity Showcase will be presented in two parts: Presentation and Interaction. The presentation is what the audience will see and hear. The interaction is how you answer audience questions. You will create accompanying notes to help you with answering questions.

  1. Add details to the items in your plan. Your details should explain why the items are in your presentation and why they are important to you.
  2. Decide which details will be featured in the published presentation and which will be reserved for your accompanying notes.
  3. Create your presentation and your accompanying notes.
Identity showcase

This is what a draft looks like if you are making a poster.


Edit and Revise

  1. Practice your presentation with classmates, family, and friends.
  2. Use those experiences and any feedback you get to hone your presentation.

Publish and Present

You will get your own station somewhere in the school. You must remain at your station until the end of the showcase.