Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden: Novel Summary (Warning! Spoilers!)


Pre-Reading Activities

Anticipation Guide

During Reading Activities

Chapter Questions


Post Reading Activities

  • Complete the Theme Questions assignment then,
  • Complete 2 of the 4 culminating projects OR 1 of the 2 challenge projects.

Culminating Projects

  1. Make a Comic Strip: Choose an important scene in the book and depict it in a 4-6 panel comic strip
  2. Write a Letter to the Editor of the local newspaper, as a shadow child, explaining what your life has been like, and why the Population Law should be removed.
  3. Interview a Shadow Child: Make a list of questions you would ask a shadow child, and provide the answers they might give. Act out the interview.
  4. Propaganda: You are the chief propaganda officer of the Population Police. Create a bumper sticker or billboard reminding ordinary citizens that third children are against the law.
  5. Movie Trailer: Create a movie trailer for the novel. You can perform the trailer live like a play or if you have the expertise, you can use movie making software to create an authentic trailer.

Challenge Projects

The challenge projects can be answered in essay form or as a detailed presentation.

  • Your answers must contain properly cited quotes from the novel.
  • DO NOT copy/paste information from the internet.
  • Research information must be in your own words.
  • Provide a bibliography or list of sources for all the websites, books, and other sources of information you used to research your topic.

Government Comparison:

The government in Among the Hidden is totalitarian. The government of Canada is democratic.

  • In general, how do these forms of government differ from one another?
  • What are a citizen’s rights and freedoms in a democracy like Canada? What are a citizen’s rights and freedoms in a totalitarian government like in Among the Hidden?
  • How is law and order maintained in a democracy? How is law and order maintained by Government in Among the Hidden?
  • Could government controls like the Population Law and a brutal force like the Population Police happen in our society? Explain.

Population Control Comparison:

Among the Hidden is fiction. However, the most populous country in the world, China, actually did have a one-child-policy to limit family size.

  • Find out more about China’s effort to reduce its population. Summarize your findings. In general, how did the situation in China compare to the situation in the novel?
  • How was China’s one-child policy enforced? Explain. Compare this method of enforcement to the methods used in the novel.
  • How successful was China’s one-child policy? Explain. Compare this success to the novel by discussing the success or effectiveness of the the population law in the novel?
  • Was this policy popular or unpopular among the people of China? In other words, how did the people of China feel about the policy? Explain. Compare these finding to the novel by discussing how the characters in the novel felt about the population law?