Sightlines 7

And Even Now

Create a three-panel illustration of this poem, with one panel per stanza. Try to capture the mood of each stanza in your illustrations.


1.  Create a monologue in which Curtis explains why he is giving the knife to Stevie.

  • Your monologue will be a script.
    • Actors in movies, tv shows, and plays use scripts to tell them what to do and say during the performance.
  • You can have the monologue be:
    • Curtis on his own somewhere talking to himself,
    • or what Curtis actually says as he gives the knife to Stevie.

2. Write a short story about Ron from Ron’s perspective.

  • In your story you can decide if Ron is:
    • just a boy,
    • a ghost,
    • a figment of Curtis’ imagination,
    • or maybe Ron is Rollo and has somehow transformed into a human.
  • Be sure to write in the first person where you are pretending to be Ron telling his story.

3. Flashback

  • Why did the author use a flashback to tell the story of “The summer of being eleven”?
  • How was the writing different during the flashback?

Old Men of Magic

  1. Describe the physical characteristics of the old men of magic using examples from the poem.
  2. Make a connection to this poem. The _____________ in this poem reminds me of ______________ because…
  3. Imagine you were there the night the old men of magic told their stories that evening. Write a letter to a friend or family member describing the event. Use sensory details in your letter.

The Wretched Stone

  1. For what might the wretched stone be a metaphor? Support your view with details from the text.
  2. Make a Before and After chart describing how the behavior of the crew members changed as a result of the stone.
  3. What is the message of the picture on page 21? What makes you think this?
  4. Based on what you’ve read in the story, what is amusing about the picture on page 22?

One Who Lives Under the Water

  1. What is the story of this painting? Use details from the painting in your response.
  2. Create an illustration that explains any natural phenomenon using a mythical character as the cause.

Sky Kraken

The White Owl

Messages are Everywhere

Design and Create a movie poster for a film about aliens coming to Earth.

  • Choose a clever title and feature it prominently on the poster.
  • Choose colours to match the mood and/or theme of the movie.
  • Add authentic details like release date, actors, producers, etc…

The Dinner Party

  1. Retell this story by acting it out, drawing a comic, or performing a puppet show.
  2. Identify the irony in this story. Use evidence from the text in your response.

Revenge of the Blood Thirsty Giant

Comprehension Questions

The Rabbit

Complete a Character Analysis for the characters featured in this story:

  • Rusty
  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Unruh’s
  • Your Family
  • You