Novel Summary Slideshow

You will create a slideshow of images to retell a novel. In essence you are creating the ultimate spoiler summary. If I were to read this novel after seeing your slideshow, there would be no surprises.

The Expectations

  • Your images must be intentionally chosen.
  • The slideshow must feature the essential setting, character, and plot information.
  • The slides must be in order.
  • You will present the slideshow to me.

The Rules

  • You can choose any novel at your reading level.
    • Your novel cannot be a novelization of a visual production – it had to be a book first.
    • Yes, you can even choose a novel you’ve already read.
    • Yes, you can choose a novel we studied as a class.
  • If your novel has been adapted to film, your slideshow may only feature 5 images from the visual production.
  • If you choose a graphic novel or a novel featuring a lot of illustrations, you may only feature 5 of these images in your slideshow.
  • Each slide must be accompanied by brief notes that explain how the image relates to the novel.
    • These notes can either be on a piece of paper or included in the notes section of the slideshow software.
    • You can include text or notes into the actual slideshow but it isn’t necessary. The focus of this project is summarizing the novel using images.
  • Your slideshow must feature at least 40 images.


Example: The Cay Slideshow