Service Group

A Service Group is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to improve some aspect of a local community. Service Groups are typically highly organized, have regular meetings, and membership often requires fundraising and many hours of volunteer time.

Real Life Service Groups in Canada:

Kin Canada

Lions Clubs


You will create a brochure for a Service Group of your creation. You may use the information from your Taking Action assignment in creating this brochure.

3 Fold Brochure

  • Front – Service Group Name, Logo, and Slogan
  • Back – Basic Contact Information
  • Inside Left – Benefits of Membership.
  • Inside Middle – Membership Requirements, Expectations and Workload
  • Inside Right – How to join. How to help if you can’t join.
  • Folded Right – What you do. What you’ve done. Impacts. Accomplishments.

Student Brochure Examples