Top 5

Top 5: A Topic of Your Choice

  1. At least 3 Criteria for Selection.
  2. At least 3 Criteria for Hierarchy.
  3. Each item must be accompanied by at least 3 examples of supporting evidence to portray the value of the selection. Supporting evidence must be connected to the Criteria for Hierarchy.
  4. Your list should go from 5 to 1 in a planned, explainable, and justifiable order.
  5. A summary outlining the criteria and justification should be provided at the end of your presentation.

Top 5 Student Examples

Example: Top 5 TV Cartoon Dads

The obvious choices for top TV Cartoon Dads aren’t necessarily the greatest dads, they’re just the most popular. In creating this list, I went beyond Homer, Fred, and Peter to the dads in their shadows.

Number 5: Joe Swanson

Joe does his best to be a model citizen and for the most part is a devoted husband and dedicated father. His children likely respect him as an officer of the law and as someone who is very able despite his disability. His anger management problems are what keep him from being closer to number 1 in this list.

Number 4: Barney Rubble

Barney is an adoptive father who loves his son Bam Bam wholeheartedly. He always works and is a member of a community service group. He does his best to be an involved dad but he often lets others make choices for him and therefore lacks the leadership qualities to be number 1 in this list.

Number 3: Khan Souphanousinphone

Khan can be a harsh and overprotective parent, but he is always making sure Connie is making the right choices to bring honor to her family and success for her future. He makes an honest living and continually strives to increase his position in society. He has moments of vulnerability and kindness and his daughter openly loves and respects him. He is a stronger dad than Barney and a more involved Dad than Joe but doesn’t have what it takes to crack the top 2 in this list.

Number 2: Man-at-Arms

Like Barney Rubble, Man-at-Arms is an adoptive father. His love and trust for his daughter are evident in their interactions and by the fact that she is a soldier in his army. His daughter openly respects and loves him. Man-at-Arms is a single-dad and is also the military leader of Eternia. He is an outstanding father but his loyalties lie somewhat stronger to his duties and therefore he misses number 1 in this list, but barely.

Number 1: Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders is a nearly perfect dad. He always puts family first; in fact, he rarely puts himself first. He is kind to a fault, a model citizen, and continually strives to be a leader in his community. His children openly respect and adore him. Due to an unfortunate accident, Ned lost his wife. Ned showed strength of character in his new role as a widower and a single-dad. Even if this list hadn’t been based on supporting characters in TV Cartoons, Ned Flanders would be number 1.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. A dad.
  2. Not the main character.
  3. In a famous TV Cartoon Series.

Justification for Hierarchy

I was looking for evidence of being a good dad. A good dad puts his kids’ best interests first and is committed to his family. He strives to be a good role model and spends quality time with his kids. Finally, I was looking for evidence of his children’s respect and love for him as a dad.

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