Typographical Zentangle

Typography Art – word art and/or art featuring text

guitar_by_av2geakiller-d6zhbm2Zentangle – a sectioned doodle featuring patterns


Typographical Zentangle – a hybrid of typography and zentangles

typographical Zentangle

For our project, words will also be used within the zentangles.

typographical zentangle

Step 1: Plan

  1. Choose a topic you know a lot about.
  2. Make a list of 4 or more subtopics based on the topic.
  3. Make a list of about 20 words for each subtopic.

Step 2: Sketch it 

Press lightly when you are sketching. 

  1. Create the title using block lettering.
  2. If there is a lot of white space you can add a couple of simple drawings.
  3. Create section boarders using lines. You will need as many sections as you have subtopics (from your plan).
  4. Fill each section with very simple line patterns. Like the lines on a piece of notepaper, you will use your pattern lines when you are adding your words so don’t make them too close together.

sketch it

Step 3: Outline the Title and Section Boarders

outline the sections

Step 4: Add Words

Each section should feature a different subtopic. The words will be those you listed in your plan.

add the words

add more words

more words

only pencil

Step 5: Bold and Color

  1. Go over all the main lines with a dark marker or pencil crayon.
  2. Color the title with an eye-catching color. If you are using pencil crayon, color boldly so no white is showing.
  3. If you choose to color other areas, make sure they emphasize the title. If you are using pencil crayons, shade by pressing lightly.

typographical zentangle


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