The Outsiders

After viewing The Outsiders movie, answer 2 of the following 4 questions:

  1. Create a 3-Column Chart comparing the novel and the movie: Adapted; Added; Excluded.  Include at least 3 details for each column. Go here for an example. Then write a paragraph explaining which version you preferred (book or movie) and why.
  2. How does the movie glorify the Greaser lifestyle and vilify the Socials lifestyle? Explain by referring to specific scenes from the film. Give at least 3 examples for each.
  3. Explain how the movie shows violence as a means to solve problems but ends up causing further problems. Refer to specific scenes in your answer. Give at least 3 examples.
  4. Choose a main character and explain how his/her character develops from the beginning to the end of the movie giving specific examples from the film as evidence. Give at least 3 examples.

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