Tier II Vocabulary

Novel Specific Vocabulary

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Vocabulary Analysis Chart

Vocabulary Grid (1)


Predict and Confirm

  1. Copy a Tier II word into the center column.
  2. Predict the definition and write it into the first column.
  3. Confirm by looking up the word and write the dictionary definition into the last column.

Predict and Confirm


Synonym Comparison Chart

Synonym Comparison Chart


Fancy Paragraph Challenge

Choose at least 3 Tier II vocabulary words and use them in a paragraph. The paragraph must make sense and the words must be used appropriately.


Feature Word and Associated Words

  1. Choose any Tier II word to be the Feature Word.
  2. Copy it down along with its definition.
  3. Find 3 other Tier II words that are associated with this word.
  4. List the associated words along with their definitions.
  5. Explain how the words are associated.

Feature and Associated


Prefix – Suffix – Meaning

  1. Choose a word. Look it up.
  2. Using the chart, add a prefix, suffix, or both to the word. Look it up. Copy the meaning into the chart.
  3. Repeat #2 until you’ve run out of existing possibilities.

Prefix Suffix

Examples of Words with Suffixes and/or Prefixes

Common Prefix Chart


Common Suffix Chart



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