Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is used to convince your reader to agree with you or to see the benefits of your point of view.


  1. Write in the 2nd person. 1st and 3rd can be used but be sure to make your audience/reader the centre of attention. You wouldn’t want the audience to think it’s all about you. You want them to see the light.
  2. Present all information so it sounds factual, even if it isn’t. Surveyed students would no doubt agree.
  3. Take a side and stick to it. If you must explore the other side of the argument, make sure you highlight its flaws. Critics may doubt you, but they are wrong!
  4. Use Rhetoric. You want to win this argument, don’t you? Do you want to be successful?
  5. Be Emotive. It would be outrageous to think otherwise! This is a tragedy! Join us for victory!
  6. Reiterate your main idea. In other words… As mentioned… In summary…

Persuasive Writing Planning Page


Politely demonstrate your disappointment with a product or service and offer reasonable solutions to make it right.


Show how one product or service is superior to its top competitor.

Donation Request

Convince people support your cause.


Convince the principal to install a swimming pool at our school.