Report Card Standards for Social Studies 7 

Knowledge and Understanding – demonstrates an understanding of social studies concepts 

  • Aboriginal, French, British peoples in pre-confederation 
  • North American fur trade 
  • Political competition between French and English 
  • Political, economic, military events contributing to foundations of Canada 
  • Red River Metis 
  • Confederation and Immigration 1867 
  • Social and political changes – individual and collective identities since 1918 
  • Urbanization and technology on individual and collective identities 

Application – demonstrates skills and processes that assist in media literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving 

  • Develop skills of critical and creative thinking 
  • Develop skills of historical thinking 
  • Develop skills of geographic thinking 
  • Demonstrates skills of decision making and problem solving 
  • Demonstrates skills of cooperation, conflict resolution and consensus building 
  • Develop age-appropriate behavior for social involvement as responsible citizens 
  • Apply the research process 
  • Demonstrate skills of oral, visual, and media literacy 

We will be studying Canadian History from the arrival of the Europeans to our first years as an independent nation.

Introductory Videos from the Government of Alberta.

Our guiding focus for the year will be on Citizenship and Identity. We will explore citizenship issues as Canada went from colony to country and will see how these issues affect our national identity.

Citizenship Keywords

  • Official Member
  • Government
  • Territory
  • Rights
  • Freedoms
  • Services
  • Protection
  • Access to Natural Resources

Identity Keywords

  • Culture
  • Values
  • Religion
  • Beliefs
  • Traditions
  • Celebrations
  • Languages
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Social Status
  • Official Activities
  • Customs
  • Common Recreation
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Talent
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Here are some useful links for research:

Historica Canada

HBC Timeline

Online Reference Center Username: LA22 | Password: 8372

Simple Wikipedia