Western Expansion and the National Policy

Answer 4 of the following questions:

1. Why did the government create the Numbered Treaties? How were the treaties good for First Nations Peoples? How were they unfair?

2. What was the National Policy and how did it help Canada? How did it help Canadians?

3. How were the French excluded from Western Expansion?  What did the French people in the West do to increase their population? How does increasing population protect culture?

4. Why were Alberta and Saskatchewan created?  Why was it beneficial to become a province? How was French culture honored and protected in the creation of Alberta and Saskatchewan?

5. How did Canada attract so many Europeans to Canada? What challenges did they face when they arrived? How were these people able to maintain parts of their culture?

6. What important role did Chinese immigrants play in developing the West? What challenges did they face in Canada? Why was the head tax unfair?