Early European Explorers

Why Explore North America?

  • Find and Claim Resources
  • Discover New Resources
  • Claim Land
  • Search for Riches
  • Conquer and/or Convert People
  • Discover and/or Establish Routes via Land and Sea

Exploring North America wasn’t a hobby or a vacation. Exploring was a job. Discoveries and claims were made for your country, not for yourself. Other than getting paid, the above list also came with the benefit of adventure, fame, glory, and social, political, and/or military promotion.

As time went on and communities were established in what is now Canada, people began moving to Canada for more than adventure, fame, and glory. They sought a new home, a new life, a new government, and a fresh start with new opportunities to improve their station in life.

Chapter Project: Race to Claim Newland