War and British Conquest

  1. What is the Great Deportation?
    1. What are the events that led up to the Great Deportation? (Oaths)
    2. Why did the British believe the Great Deportation was necessary?
    3. How might the Mi’kmaq have felt about the Great Deportation?
  2. What is the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?
    1. Why was the Battle of the Plains of Abraham such an important victory for Britain?
  3. What is the Treaty of Paris?
    1. What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris?
    2. Describe the events that led to the Treaty of Paris? (7 Years War)
    3. How was the Treaty of Paris good for Canadiens?
    4. How was it challenging for Canadiens?
    5. How was it challenging for the First Nations people of the area?
  4. What is the Royal Proclamation?
    1. What were the terms of the RP?
    2. What problems did the RP solve?
    3. What problems did it create?
  5. What is the Quebec Act?
    1. What are the terms of the Quebec Act?
    2. How was the Quebec Act good for Canadiens?
    3. How was it bad for the First Nations peoples of the area?
    4. Why did the British pass the Quebec Act?
    5. How did the terms of the Quebec Act shape the future of Canada?