The United States Breaks Away

The Loyalist Migration

The 13 Colonies declared war on Britain in order to free themselves from British rule. They would win this battle and The United States of America would become an independent nation.

During the American War of Independence, some of the residents remained loyal to Britain. These Loyalists were forced out of the colonies and many moved north into what is now Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. This influx was called the Loyalist Migration and it came with a host of challenges.

  1.  What challenges did the arrival of the Loyalists present to the Canadiens? How did Britain deal with this?
  2. How were the First Nations peoples affected by the Loyalist Migration? How did Britain deal with this?

Loyalist Migration and Citizenship


The War of 1812

The United States invaded British North America, primarily Upper Canada. The Americans expected the citizens of BNA to join them in liberating themselves from British rule; instead, they were met with resistance.

  1. Why did the Americans think the citizens of Upper Canada would join them in the fight against Britain?
  2. Why didn’t the British Canadians join the Americans?
  3. Why didn’t the French Canadiens join the Americans?
  4. Why didn’t the First Nations of the area join the Americans?