The Metis Rise Up

Check out this Prezi that does a great job of summarizing the main ideas of this chapter: The Metis Rise Up.

Chapter Notes

Study Questions:

  1. How did Canada’s involvement in the Red River Resistance conflict with the principles of Confederation?
  2. How did Canada use the death of Thomas Scott to make Louis Riel an enemy of Canada? Why would they do this?
  3. How did Canada betray the Royal Proclamation in creating the Manitoba Act?
  4. Even though some aspects of the Manitoba Act were very unfair, the citizens still agreed to the terms. Why would they do this?
  5. Why do claims to Land Rights cause so much conflict?
  6. Using examples from this chapter, show how economic pursuits are connected to identity.
  7. How might Western Canada be different today if the citizens of South Branch had avoided a violent resistance to Canadian settlement?
  8. Do you think Louis Riel could’ve prevented the Manitoba School Act if he were still alive at that time? If not, why? If so, how?
  9.  Why should Canadian students learn about Louis Riel?

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