Digital Media

This course explores the role and importance of digital technology in presenting and communicating information.

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Image File Types and Properties

Not all images are created equally. We will learn about the different file types and how to determine the quality of an image.

Image File Types


Use Google Drawing to create a simple drawing.

Your drawing must include:

  • background
  • border
  • lines drawn with a mouse or touch pad
  • shapes
  • word art
  • creation using more than one element (look at snowman below)

You will save your completed drawing as a PNG or JPG/JPEG file.

Quick Drawing Example

Image Copyright

Images online are not free for the taking. They belong to the person or company who created the image or took the photograph. You will learn the rules for using online images by creating a short research presentation. You can use PowerPoint or Slides for your presentation.

Your presentation will explore image copyright. These questions will help guide your research:

  • What is image copyright?
  • Why do images need be protected?
  • Why do you need to get permission to use certain images?
  • What can happen if you use an image without permission?

The following links have useful information for your presentation.

Creative Commons

Teaching Copyright

Image Editing

We will manipulate images using simple image editing software.

Paint is easy to use and is a great introduction to more complex programs like PhotoShop.

Google Draw is a lot like paint and can be accessed from your Google Drive.

We will complete two simple edits: a face swap and an image using layers.

Face Swap

Darth Putin

Darth Putin

face swap



Story Slideshow

You will use slideshow software to tell a story using only images.

Your story must feature the 5 Essential Story Elements

  1. Character(s)
  2. Setting
  3. Plot
  4. Conflict
  5. Resolution

You can tell your own story. You can retell an existing story. You can create a story based on an existing story.

Your title slide can contain words. You can use memes. You can insert speech bubbles. You cannot use narrative captions. The objective of the story is for the images to tell the story. Your story cannot rely on text to make sense. No more than 5 slides with text.

You may not create your story using images from a single image theme or site. For example, you cannot retell the story of Harry Potter using only images from the movie.

Your slideshow must feature:

  1. At least 20 slides.
  2. Slides from at least 5 different sources.
  3. At least 2 slides created using Google Drawings.
  4. No more than 5 slides featuring text, excluding the title slide.
  5. Essential Story Elements

Teacher Gets Angry


Stop Motion Slideshow

We will use slideshow software to create a simple stop-motion animation.

Your project must feature a minimum of 100 slides. If you work with a partner, your overall project must feature 100 slides per person.

Your animation must include at least 3 elements.



Slideshow Software

You will explore several different slideshow presentation programs. In doing so, you will create a comparison chart to share the pros and cons of each program.


Here are a few presentation slideshow sites to get you started:




Stereotypes in the Media

You will create a short presentation to show how images in popular media reinforce or create stereotypes. You may use any available presentation software to create your presentation.

Your presentation must explore at least 5 different examples of how the stereotype is created or reinforced by popular media. Your slideshow must include at least 10 slides.

Gender Stereotypes

PowToon Examples

Principles of Design

In order to create interesting, effective, and eye-catching visuals, you need to use the Principles of Design.

Create a poster or slideshow featuring each of the principles of design. Give visual examples to accompany each principle. Also be sure to give a brief description as to how each image matches its corresponding principle.

Principles of Design Student Examples

Flyer Design

Create a digital flyer on a topic of your choice. Be prepared to talk about how you used the Principles of Design in your flyer to make it as effective as possible.

  • Your flyer must feature images, text, and text features.
  • The dimensions must be 8.5×11.

The following flyer is a terrible example. It is 8.5×11. It does feature images, text, and text features. Why is it so terrible?

Terrible Flyer Example


You will learn the basic art and science of photography.


Rule of Thirds

File:Photo 3x3.svg

Rule of Thirds Examples

Gallery Slideshow using Original Images

You will create a slideshow showcasing your favorite photographs. For each photograph you will explain it’s strengths referring to the Principles of Design.

  • Your show must feature at least 20 photographs.
  • You must be able to describe the qualities of each photo using the Principles of Design.


Video File Types

Explore video file types and learn how they are used.

Video File Types Assignment